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They Don't Spend Their Days Thinking About Not Thinking About French Fries

If you want to make weight loss as painless a process as possible, you have to stop trying to control your own thoughts. Meaning it's time to put the kibosh on actively trying not to think about the foods you think you shouldn't be eating. "It becomes that forbidden fruit," says Moore, making you want it even more and more likely to give in and overeat it. In fact, one study in the journal Appetite found that women who were specifically told not to think about chocolate ate significantly more of it than women who were told to think about chocolate or not given any direction on their chocolate-related thoughts.

Your takeaway: It can be tricky not to think about french fries when you're trying not to eat so many french fries, but do your best to simply acknowledge the thought and let it pass rather than mentally berating yourself for even having the thought in the first place. And of course, if you really want the french fries, just have a few.