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They Spend Time in That Other Part of the Gym Too

Yes, we're talking about the weight room, because that's where muscles are made. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so the more you focus on strength training, the more your body will work toward your weight loss goal even when you're deep in a Netflix binge on the couch. That helps explain why "women who maintain their weight a little bit easier or lose weight a little more effortlessly tend to have a higher lean body mass," says Moore. People who followed a 12-week exercise program that combined aerobic workouts and strength training lost more weight and and more body fat (including abdominal fat) than those who did only aerobic or strength training workouts, according to a study in BMC Public Health.

Your takeaway: Make strength-building exercises a consistent part of your workout routine. Here are a few routines to try either at the gym or at home: one from Jennifer Lawrence's trainer, three no-equipment options you can do anywhere and a full-body workout you can do with one dumbbell. Just keep in mind that while focusing on your muscles may mean "you might have a little more wiggle room" with your diet, says Shapiro, it doesn't mean that you can now eat with reckless abandon.