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They Get Back on Track Fast After They Indulge

Women who successfully lose weight and make it look easy don't let one less-than-healthy meal or snack spiral out of control. (We've all been there. That family-size bag of cheddar popcorn basically ate itself, so why not order takeout for dinner too?) Instead they get right back on track with the next thing they eat, says Shapiro. "Consistency is what gets you the results," she explains, "not the one-off blip."

Your takeaway: So you ate something that wasn't part of your healthy meal plan. Move on and instead of feeling guilty about it, think about the healthier options you could have for your next meal instead. Knowing exactly how you plan to get back on the horse will keep you from spiraling face-first into a package of peanut butter cups and help you feel in control of any cravings.