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Don't: Go DIY With Sunscreen

Why it's really that bad: Serious sunburns, anyone? "Homemade sunscreen is the single worst thing I've ever seen someone do to their face," Shah says. "It can be disastrous." People may do it because they're worried about chemicals found in store-bought sunscreens, and DIY versions often include some form of the physical UV blocker zinc oxide. If you're thinking, But zinc oxide is a common ingredient in non-chemical sunscreens, so what's the big deal?, here's the problem: "Without FDA testing and approval, you have no idea what level of protection you're getting," Shah says. Ingredients in FDA-approved sunscreens are "generally recognized as safe and effective." The FDA also vets whether a sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays to offer broad-spectrum protection and verifies its water-resistance level.
The fix: There are plenty of safe, effective and well-tested products to choose from, both physical and chemical. Try one of the best new options listed here.