Aromatherapy essential oils are considered good for stress, providing a calming effect when they're incorporated into your regular routine—though they're not a cure-all. Mariza Snyder, DC, wellness practitioner and author of The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, says that while oils can lower your cortisol levels and support your body, finding other ways to relax is key. "Focus on proper nutrition and exercise and implementing self-care strategies," she says.

In other words, they shouldn't be the only go-to items in your self-soothing toolkit—you may also want to try mindfulness meditation, any one of the great yoga apps out there, or even seeing a therapist. Still, it's definitely worth trying essential oils for stress and anxiety relief, too, given that fans will tell you that oils can help with everything from seasonal allergies to getting better sleep. Plus, they're affordable, non-pharmaceutical—and by and large, happen to smell terrific.

Here's what to know about using essential oils for stress, and the best ways to apply them.

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