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Naturally over time, fat "pads" in the face drop, which creates "jowls and a poorly defined neckline," Doft says. Eventually, vertical bands start to form along the front of the neck, she explains, and "there appears to be much more skin than when you were young." This sagging generally happens around age 40 or later, she says. Although topical products can improve the surface, if you're looking for deeper toning and firming results, you might want to consider the professional treatment options. To help improve pigment and texture, Hale turns to a fractional resurfacing laser, like Fraxel Re:Store Dual. Dyer's go-to is the CoolMini, a nonsurgical procedure that involves freezing fat cells, which, she says, can "help define and tighten the neck and jawline." Doft, meanwhile, recommends EuroThread Lift, "a new treatment that's helpful in lifting the neck for a limited amount of time—about one year—and for filling in the horizontal lines that often form on the neck."