primrose oil for skincare

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Jeannette Graf, MD

Her eye-opening secret. I have found that one of the most soothing ingredients is evening primrose oil. When my eyes are very dry, or I have patients who have eczema around their eyes, I will tell them to puncture a capsule of this oil and apply its contents. It doesn't have a fragrance, so it won't irritate your eyes; and, you can leave it on the skin, so no need to rinse it off.

She keeps her masks wet and wild. To make any mask that I use more effective, I will apply it, and as it dries, simply apply water to my fingers and, using a circular motion, massage the mask until it becomes moist again. This reactivates the mask. I may repeat this several times, and it works very well to get the maximum benefits from any mask.

Dr. Graf is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.