salt makes eye puffy

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You're going heavy on the salt.
A high-sodium diet can make you retain water in weird places, including the area under your eyes, Marmur says. So, in addition to the less-obvious sodium sources you already know about (such as white bread, pizza and deli meats), your seemingly healthy snack of cottage cheese (a half-cup serving of 1 percent fat cottage cheese has roughly 450 mg of sodium—almost 20 percent of the daily recommended intake) and the soy sauce you liberally pour on your sushi may be causing your bags.

How to de-puff: The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day (or 1,500 mg if you're 51 years or older, African American, or have high blood pressure or diabetes). After the fact, eye creams that contain caffeine can help constrict blood vessels and shrink the bags. And if you can apply a cold compress to the area beforehand, all the better.
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