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Putting Your Anti-Agers on Haphazardly

Why it's making you look older: First, kudos for using anti-agers at night, when your skin makes the best use of them. But they need to be applied in the right order to make sure all of the ingredients can actually reach your skin. Generally speaking, products should be put on in order of heaviness—gel, lotion, cream, serum, ointment, etc.—to prevent thicker products from blocking the lighter ones.

The fix: Start with serums or gels, then lotions, then creams, then ointments, says Nazarian. Don't go overboard with products, though. Ploch recommends using no more than three or four per night, to minimize skin irritation. If you've got a long nightly routine full of products that only do one thing each, consider switching to multitasking products instead.

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