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Another Reason to Exercise (That's Not About Weight Loss)

Noëlle Sherber, MD, dermatologist at Sherber + Rad in Washington, DC.

Wake-up time: It varies, but a typical day would find me up at 7:30 a.m.

Morning skincare: I'm always seeking new results-oriented products, so my routine is always changing. One staple product that I love is Eve Lom Cleanser, since it is so thorough yet so gentle. I also use Caudalie's VineActiv 3-in-1 Moisturizer, which defends against environmental damage. A hot topic in dermatology is how pollution generates as many free radicals in the skin as UV light, and topical antioxidants' role in fighting this damage. And, of course, I always use daily sunscreen! I typically use mineral formulations, like Natura Bissé The Cure Sheer Cream, because I have sensitive skin.

Makeup secret: I love Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen in Naked Bisque. I have had patients ask me in consultation for under-eye filler and have suggested that they try this brush-on brightener instead if they don't need volume: sometimes, less is more!

Go-to breakfast: I am not a major breakfast person but have a café au lait with whole milk and a sprinkle of raw sugar. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that children who drank a cup of whole milk daily had higher vitamin D levels and lower BMI than low-fat milk drinkers. I'm always looking for good sources of vitamin D since I am not a sun-seeker.

Favorite workout: My mainstay is Pure Barre, since I love that I can get a full-body workout in one hour that improves strength and flexibility. Exercising in the morning not only energizes me for the busy day ahead, but a study found that subjects who added moderately strenuous exercise twice a week for 30 minutes over three months developed a thicker collagen layer on skin biopsy, as is seen in younger skin!