In 2013, I spent a year attending Deepak Chopra's meditation retreats. One day I was meditating while perched on my heels, and I started to rock back and forth. I wound up having this extraordinary meditation, the best of my life. I realized that the way I was sitting and rocking was putting pressure on my vulva, where there are all kinds of nerve endings. Stimulate them, and you can release endorphins in your brain. We have an inner pharmacy, and I was accessing it!

I started to practice this way and teach it to my students. I tell women to either tightly cup their vulva with their hand or rock back and forth while meditating. I named it lotus lift meditation. The idea is that you're fostering a better connection with your body and entering a state of mental, physical, and creative arousal. As I've experienced and many of my students have told me, it dramatically improves your sex life.

In many religions, prayer involves a rocking motion—think of Orthodox Jews swaying while praying. There's a link between rhythmic movement and connection to the divine. And that's what we do when we meditate: We connect. I'm trying to teach women how to enhance that connection with themselves, and the result is often that they're more open to sex. Orgasm isn't the point; this isn't masturbation. But being in touch with your body through this kind of meditation does make your orgasms better, that's for sure.


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