Do the first two moves on your right side, then on your left, before moving on to the third and fourth moves. The goal is to connect the first and second moves, so on the last one-legged deadlift, place both hands on the floor to begin your one-legged squat thrusts.

One-Legged Deadlift/Balance Tap
Do 12 reps.
1. Balance on your right foot. Keeping a slight bend in your right knee, a flat back, and your chest lifted throughout the entire movement, hinge forward to reach your left hand toward the ground and extend your left leg behind you. "Think of your body as a seesaw, hinging forward at the same rate that you lift your leg behind you," says Stokes.
2. Squeeze your right glute as you return to a standing balance. Bring your left foot to the ground between reps if you need to.

One-Legged Squat Thrusts for 30 seconds
These are challenging, so take your time and focus on the quality of your squat thrust and proper posture.
1. After completing your last rep of one-legged deadlifts/balance taps, place your hands on the floor and hop back into a one-legged plank, keeping your left knee tucked toward your chest and your core tight.
2. Hop your right foot back in toward your hands, plant your right heel on the group and proceed to lift your chest and explode up into a jump (your left knee should remain tucked in toward your chest). Land and repeat.

Plank Taps for 30 seconds
1. Begin in an extended-arm plank, with your hands shoulder width apart, feet hip width apart, navel to spine and glutes squeezed.
2. Keeping your hips squared to the ground (don't let them sway), tap your right hand to your left shoulder, then your left hand to your right shoulder. Continue this pattern, going faster as you master the form.

Crouching Tiger Pushups for 60 seconds
1. Start in a pushup position, with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your feet hip width apart.
2. Lower your body down to the floor as though you're doing a pushup. Staying low to the ground, push through your shoulders to sit your hips back and bend your knees to 2 inches off the ground. "This is the crouch, or pounce position," says Stokes.
3. Lift your hips into a downward dog position and straighten your knees.
4. Tuck your tailbone in, draw your navel to your spine and perform a rolling wave through your lower back to your upper back to return to start position.


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