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They picture this instead of sheep
If you find yourself unable to sleep, first, think of a word, says Robert Rosenberg, a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) who is a board-certified sleep-medicine physician and author of The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety. Any word that helps you relax and focus will work. (It could the word 'cloud,' the name of your beloved pet or the number five.) Breathe in slowly through your diaphragm, and as you breathe out, think of the word. "This induces the relaxation response by shutting out any distractions in the environment and helping quiet your mind," says Rosenberg. He typically practices for 10 minutes before falling asleep, but "many of my patients find themselves drifting off to sleep before that," he says. Use this trick before bed, or even if you wake up unexpectedly in the middle of the night.