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4. Chest Discoloration
At home: Apply an OTC cream with niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that regulates melanin and diminishes the appearance of brown spots, says Debra Jaliman, MD, a NYC dermatologist.

At-home essential: Olay Total Effects Body Lotion ($9; drugstores)

In office: Fractional Laser

How it works: A pixelated beam vaporizes microscopic areas of the skin, encouraging regeneration of collagen and evening out pigmentation.

Number of treatments: two (a month apart)

Average cost: $1,500 per treatment

In office: Intense Pulsed Light

How it works: Beams of light are absorbed by melanin, damaging existing dark spots and causing them to break down and eventually flake off, says Jaliman.

Number of treatments: one to three (a month apart)

Average cost: $750 per treatment