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You're more of a savory person
Not only does sugar hide in unexpected places (salad dressings, sauces, frozen dinners), but it's also in a concentrated amount in some carb-heavy fare, like bagels and pizza. That means you can be a sugar fanatic and not even know it. "French fries and pizza are still sugar cravings, but in savory forms," says Alpert. Why? "They're broken down and absorbed quickly, causing a blood sugar spike and crash. Anything that causes those highs and lows is feeding your addiction," says Alpert. Get these simple forms of carbs out of your diet. For success, you have to practice simple awareness. Know that refined carbs (pasta, crackers, white bread), as well as French fries are actually sugar; if you're craving high carb foods (waffles, pancakes) for breakfast, that's another sign that you might have a sugar habit. Recognizing it and then limiting these foods is the only way to break your addiction.