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You have an all-or-nothing attitude
If you eat a few M&Ms, do you want the whole bag? If you keep ice cream bars in your freezer, are they too hard to resist? If it's easier to keep treats out of your house than in, you may be an all-or-nothing person when it comes to sugar. So while it's smart to clear your kitchen of the stuff, you may have to take it a step further. In the initial period, you may also have to give up fruit too, says Alpert. "The sweetness in fruit can trigger a binge in some people," she says. "Until the sugar addiction is under control and intense sugar cravings have subsided, you have to be stricter with any foods that contain added or natural sugar," she says. It's also important to get family members on board with the challenge, since having treats around for them can set you up for failure, notes Biali Haas.