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You're a planner
Giving up sugar can be a tall order, as it can masquerade under more than 60 names, from the obvious (caramel, brown sugar) to the sneaky (dextran, sorghum). Figuring out what you can and cannot eat is tough, especially if you're on the go, says Eve Schaub, author of Year of No Sugar. That's where tapping into your planner nature comes in. Schaub recommends carrying around snacks that you can dig into as soon as hunger hits. "I'm the type of person where once I get hungry, all my willpower goes out the window. Planning has been my secret to success," she says. Bring no-sugar snacks with you, like fruit-nut bars (Schaub's go-to is Larabar), clementines or bananas, pre-peeled hardboiled eggs or a cheese stick.