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Cleaning Up Your Home

When University of California, San Francisco, decided to stop selling soda as part of their Healthy Beverage Initiative, there was a huge improvement in the health of those on campus. "Within 10 months, people dramatically reduced their consumption. Among the positive changes was a reduction in waist circumference," says Schmidt, who's also a scientist behind UCSF's Sugar Science site. The idea was sparked, in part, by how alcoholics are effectively counseled to cut back on alcohol: They get it out of their environment and grow a supportive group of people in their social circle. Clear sources of sugar from your home so that the sweet stuff isn't visible (in order to prevent triggering a craving), and ask your family or close friends whether they'd like to make this a collective goal. "Having a group of people in your life who are committed to doing this for their health and longevity will help you stay on track," she says.