fall affects sex life

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You Have An Excellent Date Night

What could be better on a chilly fall evening than curling up to watch a warm, fuzzy romantic comedy? A partner who wants to watch it, too. Which is exactly what's likelier to happen in the cooler months, found researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The more frigid it gets, the more motivated we all—yes, men included—are to choose rom-coms. There's a neural crossover between bodily sensations and psychological ones, the researchers in the study explained, which means that feeling cold activates a yearning for warmth in all forms, including Groundhog Day–style heart-warmers. A similar effect happens when, say, sharing a warm drink, found researchers at Yale University. When we handle a hot object (think: mug of hot cocoa), we unconsciously become emotionally warmer and more generous—and perceive others that way, too.