brussels sprouts

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The Vegetable Dish

Your Old Favorite: Creamed anything or canned-soup-laden veggie casseroles

The Healthier Option: Brussels sprouts where the sprouts are roasted or sautéed. Haas often brings her own sprout salad to holiday parties so if all else fails and there's nothing nutritionally redeeming to eat, she can just enjoy her own dish. This roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon recipe is a good option. Or try the classic holiday side of green beans–just not in their usual soupy, crispy-onion-topped casserole form. Instead, go simple and fresh, like this green beans with goat cheese and fresh lemon vinaigrette recipe.

The Nutrients You Get: Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C (one cup has more than 100 percent of your daily recommended intake) and a good source of fiber, with 1 cup giving you more than 4 grams. Green beans are good for strong bones–just 10 of them provide 25 percent of your recommended intake of vitamin K, which your body needs in order to use calcium to build bones.