health tips for night owls

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Rule #4: Find the Right Time for Exercise

There's some evidence that night owls are at higher risk of cardiovascular issues than larks, says Grandner, possibly because having a sleep schedule that's out of sync with the natural light-dark cycle of the day puts stress on your body. Consistent exercise is a well-documented way to help keep your heart healthy, but you need to be mindful about when you do it. "Night owls tend to perform better physically in the afternoon or evening," says Grandner, but a very intense workout very late at night could keep you up even later, he adds. Meaning that just because you can fit HIIT sessions in at midnight doesn't necessarily mean you should. If you favor intense exercise over, say, walking or yoga (which might actually help you fall asleep), experiment with your gym schedule until you find a time that's late enough for you to feel like your body is ready for it, but not so late that it pushes your bedtime back even later.