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The Big-Batch Bean or Lentil Salads You Make for Lunch
Why your gut's not a fan: FODMAPs are at it again—this time, it's the galactans in your legumes. If you think you may be sensitive to them (or any other FODMAPs on this list), bring it up with your doctor before altering your diet, as your digestive distress could actually be caused by a more serious underlying issue like celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, says Shah. If your doctor rules those out, ask about going on a FODMAP elimination diet, where all FODMAPs are removed for 6 weeks then slowly reintroduced to pinpoint which ones are causing your problems. You can find more information about FODMAPS and a low FODMAP diet here.

How to fix it: The galactans in beans and lentils can be at least partially removed by soaking them uncooked in water overnight then cooking them with a fresh batch of water, because the galactans get pulled out during the initial soak, says Shah. "My patients have far less gas and bloating when they prepare beans and lentils this way."