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Added bonus: These lower-sugar picks won't lead to a 4 o'clock crash.

Toss: Flavored yogurt, especially the low-fat kind (remember what we said earlier about low- or reduced-fat anything?). One container of low-fat vanilla yogurt has a whopping 23.5 grams of sugar.
Have This Instead: Plain Greek yogurt with real fruit mixed in. A 5.3-ounce container of whole-milk plain Greek yogurt has just 4 grams of sugar.
Sugar Saved: Almost 20 grams, which is about the same amount of sugar that's in 2/3 cup of chocolate ice cream.

Toss: Store-bought granola or trail mixes that are filled with chocolate chips, yogurt-covered nuts and sweetened dried fruit. It's hard to say exactly how much sugar is in these products because it depends on exactly what's in the mix, but Sacks says the amounts can be shockingly high for a seemingly healthy snack. (A half-cup of one brand's peanut butter and dark chocolate granola has 15 grams of sugar.)
Have This Instead: Make your own on-the-go snack, so you can control exactly how much sugar goes into it. Here are 6 kinds of granola you can whip up–play around with the sweetener amounts (these include honey, maple syrup and more) until you find the lowest amount that still tastes good to you.
Sugar Saved: If granola or trail mix is a daily thing for you, you'll be cutting out a significant amount of sugar.