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Protect Your Immunity

Doctors know the importance of fortifying their immune system. Step 1: Sign up for the flu vaccine. Many hospitals require their health workers to do so, and I get mine every year. (I make sure my family members do, too.) If you haven't gotten yours yet, it's not too late: Peak flu season is from December to March. Vaccination takes just a few minutes; for busy people like me, it's a no-brainer. I also steep a cup of echinacea tea daily. Studies indicate this floral-derived brew can ward off colds or, if you do come down with one, ease your symptoms more quickly. And anytime I start to feel sick, I up my vitamin C intake to potentially shorten the sniffles. Luckily, the hospital cafeteria has an ample supply of orange juice, so I can easily get my fix.

That's A Fact
Got type 2 diabetes? Don't skip the flu shot. It may cut your risk of being hospitalized for stroke by 30 percent and for heart failure by 22 percent, according to a recent study.