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Eat This...For That
Ask people who know me, and they'll agree that when it comes to diet, I'm always singing the praises of automating what you eat. I know how easy it is to slip up and indulge in something unhealthy when better options aren't within reach. That's why I plan my meals and never look back. Breakfast is Greek yogurt with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries; I pack a thermos filled with my homemade green juice (a blend of spinach, cucumber, parsley, carrot, apple, orange and pineapple) to drink during the day; and I always carry a little bag filled with almonds to munch on in the afternoon. A little boring? Maybe, but I can promise you it cuts down on cravings. Every so often, though, new science comes along that persuades me to mix things up. I'm working these foods into my daily rotation, and I suggest you do, too.