butt routine

Illustration: Florie Duhau

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Goblet Squats

1. Hold a dumbbell* vertically, with the head of the weight in the heels of your palms, fingers wrapped around the side, weight resting against your chest.
2. With your feet roughly shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly outward, bend your knees and drop your butt back and toward the floor while you keep your chest and chin up and shoulders rolled back. You should feel like you're pressing all of your weight into the floor through your heels. By doing that, you should be able to keep your knees directly above, not in front of, your feet.
3. Drop your butt just below your knees for a full, deep squat. After you get your butt down, drive yourself back up, keeping your weight in your heels and squeezing your glutes the whole time.

*Your weights should be heavy enough that you can do 15 reps of each move with correct form, but getting through the 15th one is a challenge. These moves can all be done without weights too—just make sure to do enough reps per set that you still feel like you need a break by the time you get to the last rep. Follow Seidenglanz's most important rule for results: Don't sacrifice a full range of motion for more weight. "It's better to use no weights but get all the way down in your squat than to only go part of the way down because your weights are too heavy," he says.