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The One If Kids Could Be In Your Future

What You're Used to Asking: I'm not in my late 30s yet, so I'm okay fertility-wise, right?
The Smarter Version: What can I do now to help make sure that if and when I want kids, my chances of conceiving are as good as possible?
Here's why: Patients don't bring up fertility enough, says Pace, and it should be on the agenda regardless of whether you're talking to an ob-gyn or a GP, because issues that affect reproductive health span both specialties. "Knowing that you want kids in the near future would, for example, influence the medications your GP puts you on or the birth control they or your gynecologist recommend in the meantime," she says. If you have a chronic condition like diabetes, hearing now that you hope to get pregnant down the road can help your doctor manage your illness with that goal in mind (with diabetes for example, your doc may not want you to try to get pregnant until your blood sugar levels are well controlled). So if you have an idea of what your timeline is like, or, if you know kids aren't in the cards, tell your doctor.