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Take a Peek at Your Pee
Feeling like you gained weight on vacation is normal, but there's good news: You probably gained much less than you think (research suggests that on average, people gain less than a pound over the holidays, so your week away can't have been that bad), and much of it is likely water weight. "We eat out a lot more on vacation, and restaurant meals tend to be high in salt, so you retain fluid and feel bloated," Zanini says. (Restaurant meals actually pack more sodium than fast food options, according to a recent study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.) Once you're back home, staying hydrated can help your body flush out the extra fluids—that means drinking enough water to keep your pee a light-yellow color. You'll also want to avoid overly salty foods. Crandall recommends instead high-potassium picks like melon, beans, artichokes and spinach. Here are six more foods to eat when you need to beat the bloat.