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There May Be Some Actual Bottle in That Bottled Water

If you think you're doing a good thing by reusing those clear, crinkly plastic bottles, think again, says Cheryl Watson, PhD, professor emeritus of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. These bottles can leach their chemicals into the water, which may then have unwanted hormonal effects on the body. Even though BPA is no longer used in most plastic water bottles, Watson says that "it will likely take a long time before we can accumulate the evidence needed to deem plastics of many sorts 'safe.'" Leaving bottles in the heat can contribute to the leaching process. If your bottle doesn't say reusable, then recycle it. You can also try a glass or stainless steel bottle—or boxes of water. These use less plastic, and, as a bonus, the square shape prevents them from rolling around in your car.