Myth #1: My problems aren't serious enough.
Therapy is designed to help you enhance your well-being—whatever the issues may be. It doesn't have to be long-term; it can be directed at any obstacle, small or large, that's affecting your quality of life.

Myth #2: I can just talk to my friends!
Loved ones can provide support, but can't offer unbiased feedback in an environment that's solely focused on you. Therapists go through years of training to learn how to listen and help clients problem-solve.

Myth #3: It's all just a bunch of wallowing.
Therapy is about making it so your issues no longer hold so much power over your thoughts and feelings. It can be a painful and overwhelming process, but your therapist is there to guide you through.

Myth #4: My therapist will judge me.
As therapists, we know it takes strength to ask for help, and our job is to help you examine and solve what's getting in your way. Judgment doesn't play a part in that process.


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