5. The pain that wakes you up at night.

What you feel: A persistent numbness, tingling or pain in the index finger, middle finger or thumb that disturbs your sleep. It gets worse after driving or using the mouse for hours on end.

What it might be: You may be a victim of carpal tunnel syndrome, the infamous office malady that affects the wrist nerves of those who spend more than 20 hours a week working on spreadsheets or other projects that involve the mouse. Nerve injuries are more serious and take longer to heal than tendon and muscle problems, and though splints, injections and ultrasound therapy may help, Rempel says that about a quarter of these cases may require surgery.

The surprise loophole: While you hear about carpal tunnel syndrome all the time, Rempel says it's relatively rare among desk workers. Data shows it's three times more likely to affect assembly-line workers (like those who are in manufacturing, sewing, finishing, cleaning and meatpacking).

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