worst foods for skin

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The Skin Saboteur Hiding in Plain Sight at Every Backyard BBQ
Heating meat at high temperatures produces a chemical reaction between the fat and protein that results in compounds called "advanced glycation end products" (AGES). These AGES are aptly named, says Dattner, because they're linked to oxidative stress and inflammation that can make your skin look ruddier, duller and more wrinkled—older, in general. (AGES can also increase your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.) These compounds are found in French fries, potato chips, deep-fried chicken and other foods that have been cooked in oil at extremely high temperatures. What's more, Dattner says, is that AGES can interact with UV rays and wreak havoc on the skin.

Try this: You don't need to go on a raw-food diet, but it might not be a bad idea to eat grilled foods in moderation (deep-fried, too, but you knew that).