While confronting workplace bullying can be difficult, the WBI insists that employees can take action.

How to Fight Back:

1. Identify the behavior. Because bullying is not illegal, the actions are not traditionally legitimized. By naming the problem, you own the experience.

2. Take time to bully-proof yourself. The WBI recommends speaking with a mental health professional, as well as a general physician. In addition, they suggest meeting with an attorney to discuss legal options you might have against your employer, as well as gathering any economic data that bullying has had on the employer, including turnover, demoralization from understaffing and lost productivity. Finally, they suggest you start your job search for a new position.

3. Expose the bully. When speaking with your employer, give him a chance to address the situation. Stick to the bottom line, and don't get emotional. Don't be ashamed, either. No one asks to be bullied.

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