Often a bully goes unchecked, according to the WBI, because it's either encouraged by employers or because there is no strategy in place to address the bully's behavior.

Wondering if you're guilty of being a bully? Review the WBI list of traits that often accompany a workplace bully and see if your behavior fits the bill.

You Know You're Being a Bully at Work When:
  • You have to remind staff that you are the boss.
  • You have the highest percentage of employees who request transfers out of your unit.
  • You have to explain the meaning of your statements too often because others constantly misunderstand or misrepresent what you say.
  • The number of constantly absent employees in your unit disrupts productivity.
  • Several employees are on disability leave for stress.
  • No one seems trainable; they never get work done as quickly or correctly as you like.
  • People are too thin-skinned to accept necessary criticism.
  • You get the most respect from executives and higher ups.
  • The only social time staff or peers spend with you is when mandated to do so.
  • You take disagreement with your ideas personally, and that compels consequences.
  • You believe that today's workers do not accept personal responsibility to perform.
  • Loyalty to you is the most important employee trait.

What can you do to fight back?  


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