The WBI encourages employees to address a stressful work situation head-on before it robs them of their physical and mental health. It provides a list that includes the early signs of bullying. Use this checklist to determine whether the behavior you're experiencing at work is considered bullying and what you can do about it.

You Know You're Being Bullied at Work When:
  • You feel like throwing up the night before the start of your work week.
  • Your frustrated family demands that you to stop obsessing about work at home.
  • Your doctor asks what could be causing your skyrocketing blood pressure and recent health problems, and tells you to change jobs.
  • You feel too ashamed of being controlled by another person at work to tell your spouse or partner.
  • All your paid time off is used for "mental health breaks" from the misery.
  • Days off are spent exhausted and lifeless, your desire to do anything is gone.
  • Your favorite activities and fun. with family are no longer appealing
  • You begin to believe that you provoked the workplace cruelty.
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