Jorge Cruise is AOL's online weight loss coach and the author of the popular 8 Minutes in the Morning book series (published by HarperResource and Rodale). His basic program consists of just two exercises of high-intensity strength training a day, six days a week.

To those dubious that eight minutes a day can accomplish much, Jorge assures each of them that if they do his routine properly, they will reshape their bodies and charge up their metabolism. He says a lot of people waste time at the gym resting too long between sets and not using heavy enough weights. "Strength training is like a house's foundation," he says. "It's the structural support."

The key to his program's success, he explains, is that it's excuse-proof: No one can convincingly claim she can't carve eight minutes out of her day to get in shape. The exercises can be done at home; the only equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells.  


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