Out of the 100-plus women who e-mailed us this very complaint, we chose three and had a team of no-nonsense experts—a nutritionist, a trainer and a life coach—take them on. What were our subjects really eating? More important, what was eating them? Three months (and a total of 47 lost pounds) later, the answers are in.

Michelle Williams, a 37-year-old financial analyst living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wrote to O in frustration, claiming she can't lose weight despite doing everything right. Wagering that some part of that "right" is probably wrong, the magazine put together an ace makeover squad for Michelle and two other women. The experts—O columnist and life coach Martha Beck, nutritionist Rovenia Brock, PhD, and exercise consultant Jorge Cruise—created a radical yet simple three-month plan to take off extra pounds.

Their No-Nonsense Plans
How'd Michelle do? Take a look!


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