how vegan affects your hair health

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Secret 1: Maybe going vegan wasn't such a great idea.
Especially if you're a pasta-and-PBJ vegan who replaced meat and fish with carbs and nuts. To keep your hair strong and supple, it's important to make sure you're getting enough protein and, especially, iron. Without the latter, you may find yourself at risk for anemia, which can cause thinning hair (especially around the temples), says Jessica Krant, MD, MPH a board-certified dermatologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and founder of Art of Dermatology in New York. Fortify your hair by making sure you get the government-recommended amount of around 18 mg of iron a day (8 mg if you're over 50). Meat, eggs and shellfish are the best-known sources, but you can also get iron from a diet abundant in the right leafy green vegetables, legumes and fortified grain products. (Supplements are another option, but definitely talk to your doctor first, because an excess of iron won't do your hair any good, and also may damage your heart and liver.)