We know the whole "no white stuff" Boot Camp rule can be tough, in particular, in the morning. So what did the Harpo Boot Camp Team eat for breakfast? Here are a few options to get your day off to a good start.

Kathleen's Choices
According to Boot Camper Kathleen, minimal dairy is okay for her if it's in the form of low-fat cheese or cottage cheese as the protein portion of her meals. "I do believe you need to limit your milk intake, especially with lattes for calorie-sake," she says. "A little bit of milk in your tea is fine."

Kathleen's breakfasts consist of one of the following meal options:
  • Two hard boiled eggs
  • Two pieces of turkey bacon and a cheese stick
  • One cup cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg
  • Two-egg omelet with turkey bacon and broccoli
  • Grapefruit
  • Berries

Dana's Choices

Says Dana, "You really just need some protein to start your day. You can cook your bacon and eggs at the beginning of the week, and just grab them as you need them." Dana suggests using individual containers of cottage cheese to make things easier, as do individually wrapped cheese sticks.

Dana's typical breakfasts can be a combo of one of the foods from each group:
  • One cup organic, low-fat yogurt or 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese or 4 scrambled egg whites
  • Berries or a piece of fruit
  • Two slices of one of the following: turkey bacon, Canadian bacon, turkey sausage or chicken sausage
More Tips:
Boot Camper Stacey says that a great alternative to turkey bacon is turkey sausage. She'll eat that with two eggs, any style, for breakfast.

To clarify the "no white stuff" rule: It's no refined carbohydrates. This means goodbye to the "white" sugar, rice, pasta and bread. Stacey suggests that instead of sugar, try Splenda®.

As far as dairy goes, make sure it is low-fat or non-fat. Only eat yogurt once a day, and watch out for cheese because it has a lot of fat. For example, Dana eats one low-fat string cheese or a slice of low-fat cheese every day with her afternoon snack.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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