nuts for protein

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The Best for Dieters
What they are: Nuts and seeds

How much protein you get: Almonds and pistachios have about 5–7 grams per ounce; macadamias and hazelnuts have 2–3 grams per ounce.

Why they're great: Packed with protein as well as healthy monosaturated fat and fiber, nuts are surprisingly filling. This could be why studies keep finding a relationship between eating nuts and dropping pounds. In one, people who ate 70 almonds a day (in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet) lost 18 percent of their body weight.

One more thing: The average 150-pound woman needs 60–100 grams of protein a day, says Lauren Schmitt, RD, founder of Healthy Eating & Training. Instead of trying to get all of your protein in your entrées, eat smaller amounts throughout the day, to better regulate your mood, hunger and blood sugar levels, Schmitt says. Sprinkle nuts on foods like cereal, oatmeal, salads and fruit.