The best way to stop unconscious habits is to pay attention to your own behavior and the effect it may have on your child. None of us can change our behavior unless we first notice what we're doing. Here is a great self-check list:
  • Do you lecture your child about weight or what they are eating?
  • Do you criticize your child or other people?
  • Do you compare your child to other children?
  • Do you tease, shame or humiliate your child?
  • Do you hit, slap or physically abuse your child?
  • Do you serve unhealthy food?
  • Do you eat in front of your child in unhealthy ways?
  • Do you control or manipulate your child's eating?
  • Do you blame your child or others for their weight?
  • Do you make fat jokes?
  • Do you point out people who are overweight and judge them negatively?
  • Do you put yourself down in front of your child?
Uncovering the truth about ourselves can sometimes be painful, but it's often a powerful step toward positive change.


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