So often children are starving for the people they love. In many cases, our kids are hungry for love, attention, praise and the need to know that they matter. Stop everything! Make time for your child! Turn off the TV, computer and phone. Set aside your to-do list. Put regularly scheduled time in your calendar and…
  • Do something physical together. Go for walks, ride bikes, swim, dance, work out, fly a kite. Anything that gets you moving.
  • Find out what they are passionate about or interested in, and join them. Adopt a hobby, take a class, spend time in nature, go to plays or sporting events, sew something, make crafts. If they don't have any interest, explore your options together.
  • Join them in their recovery. When appropriate, go to the doctor or nutritionist with them, go to counseling because you "get to" not "have to." Join them for Overeaters Anonymous or Weight Watchers meetings, even if you are not overweight.
  • Do service for others. Not only will you be spending time together, you will both be feeding your hearts and souls by serving others.


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