how to eat more fruits and vegetables

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A Sneaky Way to Eat More Broccoli
What he found: Those dubious-looking sauces, dips and condiments sold next to the fresh fruit and veggies are the store's way of trying to get us to spend more money, says Wansink—and it's not necessarily a bad thing. He explains that we're more likely to buy food (healthy food included) when we can imagine exactly how we'll eat it. For many people, a head of broccoli or a bunch of carrots looks like "work." But if there's a jar of creamy blue cheese dressing next to it, it becomes crudité—a tasty after-work snack.

What you should do: Keep an eye on the ratio of junky-to-healthy food in you cart so that you don't end up with so much blue cheese that you start dipping potato chips in it.