Few bellies obligingly snap back into shape without serious prodding. Discuss exercise with your doctor or midwife: In most cases, you can take gradually longer walks and move on to more vigorous activity after six weeks. Elizabeth Trindade, founder of Strollercize, suggests these waist whittlers to get you started. Do five reps at a time, slowly working up to 50 reps throughout the day for both exercises combined. Couch crunch: Sit at the edge of a sofa with your feet out and on the floor and hands on your stomach. Relax your thighs and turn them slightly outward, then roll back until your bra line just touches the sofa back. Pull in your abdomen and lift one or both feet off the floor. In that position, contract your abs even more as you exhale to a count of 10. Return feet to the floor, sit tall, and relax

Roll away: Stand sideways behind the stroller (occupied, of course) and grasp the handle with your closer hand. Push the stroller away while slightly bending your knees and sticking out your bottom a bit. Pull the stroller back toward you while straightening up. After five reps, repeat with the other arm (both sides equal 10 reps).


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