The #3 Habit Making You Fat: You Meal Multitask

Meal multitasking means doing other things while you’re eating, such as: watching TV, reading, working at the computer or driving while eating (which is also dangerous). These habits take the focus off the food and make you more likely to overeat without realizing it.

Break the Habit
  • First, power down or move away from the distraction. Find a place away from your desk or TV that is peaceful and free of anything that may take your focus away from your food.
  • These days many busy folks can’t find 30 minutes to sit down and focus on a meal. However, 15 minutes is doable and better for you than eating in a distracted state for 30 minutes.

The #2 Habit Making You Fat: You Eat Straight Out of the Package

Bag-to-mouth eating is a recipe for disaster since it’s impossible to gauge serving sizes this way. When you’re grabbing out of a seemingly bottomless pit, you’re likely to underestimate how much food you’ve actually eaten.

Break the Habit
  • Look before it’s too late. That means plate it and then eat it.
  • Pre-packaged snacks provide a visual cue that we’re finished. While 100-calorie snack packs are a good idea here, there are more affordable ways to control your eating. Buy your favorite snack in bulk, measure out the appropriate serving, and pack it up in plastic baggies to save money and calories.

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