Christine is a 59-year-old who was dismayed by the toll aging had taken on her body, to the point where she could no longer wear her favorite pair of black leather pants. Christine tried numerous diets, including eating nothing but grapefruits and watermelons. When she read Mireille's book, however, it was like a revelation. "I was so excited I could hardly wait to launch this new lifestyle," she says. "The first day I climbed up 10 flights of stairs in my apartment building. I took Mireille's advice: When you're eating food that you adore, you don't need a lot of it. I put my portion on beautiful plates, great style, lovely linens, crystal, china, and enjoy every morsel. No more standing in the kitchen eating out of a little container."

Christine says she used those black leather pants as motivation. "I hung them on the door, looked at them daily, tried them on every other week. Soon that zipper that was far apart, zipped closed."

After losing 22 pounds, Christine says, "I feel fabulous. I've never felt so frisky. It's the best."

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