5 Ways to Boost Your Libido
  • Do Something Nice for Yourself
    Getting into the right mind-set can do wonders. This may mean exercising, getting a good night's sleep and making time for intimacy. Try clearing a special space for intimacy away from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Review Your Health History and Medications
    Some of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States have decreased sex drive as a side effect. These include common antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft, as well as blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers. In addition, corticosteroids and oral estrogen can decrease the levels of testosterone in the blood. If you are taking any of these medications, talk to your doctor about alternatives.
  • Consider Testosterone
    There have been more than 20 prospective studies that have shown that testosterone improves sex drive. Interestingly, though, the FDA has not approved any medications for this use in women. For this reason, patients must get the testosterone from compounding pharmacies or use medications designed for men in lower doses. These are available in pill, patch and cream forms. The main risks associated with testosterone use in women are increased hair growth and acne. However, these risks are quite small and are reversible.
  • Vaginal Estrogen
    Vaginal dryness and subsequent painful intercourse can be treated with vaginal estrogen preparations. These can return the vaginal tissue to its premenopausal state, which is more elastic and less dry. They come in the form of creams or inserted tablets. It usually takes about six weeks before maximum benefit is obtained.
  • Couples Therapy
    Open dialogue with your partner, often guided by a therapist, can bring to the surface other issues that might be contributing to the problem, including stress within the relationship, self-image problems and guilt. A trained sex therapist can help with relaxation and communication techniques as well.
Remember, there is no quick fix for loss of sex drive, but there are things that can help. First and foremost is speaking honestly with your partner about your feelings. Next, talk to your doctor.

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