Oh my, I feel like I'm going to confession. Okay, I really cheated for the first time. Now, before this, here and there, I would have a small cheeseburger or a french fry or two. Not often, maybe once in a whole month. But I really screwed up this time. I've really cheated for a couple of days now. I have to confess.

I have family in for my son Brian's wedding. It started with the wedding cake. I was going to allow myself one piece of wedding cake. I am a sweet eater. I'm the one who wants the dessert more than the entree. Are you like that, too?

If you have read my past blogs, you know that I have been on this "plateau" for almost 10 weeks now. I'm frustrated! I'm working my butt off, and it seems like nothing is working for me. Well, my hairdresser, Ann Marie, had some advice for me. She told me if I ate some fattening foods for a couple of days, my metabolism may kick up again and then I would lose some weight. I liked her idea. No...I LOVED HER IDEA!

So for a few days, I gave up the Wasa crackers and almond butter. I ate whatever I felt like; fortunately it wasn't too bad for me. I had one hot fudge sundae (it was to die for), and I ate at the Disney show I took my family to. I had a can of soda, something I haven't had for all this time. I didn't drink my water like I was supposed to. I didn't exercise for a few days when I had been exercising like a fiend before. I made up excuses like, "Uh, I have so much company still here from the wedding and I need to spend time with them." Lame excuse, huh?

BUT I DID NOT SMOKE. Trust me, I was so stressed out I could have smoked a whole pack, but I didn't. I did eat more than I was supposed to, though.

Ding ding! Aha! moment. Stressed out = more eating. I thought I just liked food.

I guess I felt guilty, because I had a dream last night that Bob Greene "caught" me red-handed at the ice cream shop. I had hot fudge dripping down the sides of my face. I woke up feeling like I got my hand caught in the cookie jar. Let me tell you something: Since I did my cheating, I have felt like crap. I woke up last night and had to take some heartburn medicine, something I haven't had to do since starting this Best Life Weight Loss Challenge.

Oh, and as far as the scale goes, FORGET that crazy mentality that my metabolism will kick in. Oh, it kicked in all right—I gained a pound. SHAME ON ME! I'm so embarrassed, but unless I tell the truth, I won't feel right.

I'm sorry, Bob. But really, I'm sorry, Barb.

I'm back to living my best life again! Don't fall for the crazy ideas, and...

Live your best life!

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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