It's good to be back home from vacation. I have to tell you, I was really tempted a few times, but I did pretty good. Joe and I decided to go on a luau. I had to remember that this was his vacation, too, and we were in Hawaii. Joe didn't know what he was getting into when he met me! He is so wonderfully supportive. Everybody loves Joe.

I was very nervous about what I was going to eat at the luau. The smells were fantastic, and I have a really good nose. I ended up eating fish anyway, and passing up the roast pig. I wanted the fish! Wow, that was a real lifestyle change! I did have a piece of banana macadamia nut cake, I have to admit. But I had it and got it out of my system. It was so good. Eating that cake was the second best feeling in the world. To compensate, I exercised like a fiend, though. I'm the sweet eater. I would rather have dessert than the main course. My mouth waters just writing about dessert.

Oh! Guess what? I have started to run on the treadmill. I'm really excited about that! I have a bad knee, so I have to be careful. I walk for 30 seconds, then run for 30 seconds. You don't understand how HUGE this is for me! I used to get winded just walking to my mailbox!

Now that the promos have been shown about the new Oprah show, it has been pretty much determined that we will be weighed right on the show, in front of millions. I think it's pretty cool. I am patting myself on the back for this one. What other woman who weighs over 200 pounds would do this? Not many, I'm sure. Poor Joe. I told him I weighed 150 when we met, and he found out on the last show that I was 232. Just a little white lie, huh? Oh come on now, only skinny girls will tell the truth about their weight—you know it and I know it. Anyhow, Joe loves me whatever weight I am. Isn't he adorable? He isn't tiny either, but I love him. He has already lost almost 20 pounds on the Best Life Diet.

I have also started to work out in the morning and the evening. I am doing the main workout in the morning, then I go to the gym in the afternoon, then I do a little more cardio at night. This is now my job! I wish my progress would go a little faster, but I will take whatever I can get!

I'm looking forward to seeing my fellow challengers and their progress. They all keep saying that this isn't a competition—I know that—but it's human nature to want to be at least close to what they have lost! Does that make sense? Of course I'm going to be a little jealous if they have lost a lot more than me...if they have. I'm just being REAL. Maybe I'll be the biggest loser. Who knows? I know that I have lost inches more than pounds, but I don't know how much. I'm starting to see definition in my arms, but I'm not Tina Turner, yet. I just wish I could lose my belly! Are there a lot of you women out there in menopause, like me? They call it the middle-age spread. I call it "tummy tuck central."

My youngest son, Randy Luke, is coming to the show. He is the coolest kid ever. He is 22 and is the most like me out of all my kids. We crack each other up. He lives in Philadelphia so I don't get to see him much. He is 6' 4" and gorgeous. He has also quit smoking and is very proud of his crazy mother. Look in the audience for him—he'll be the good looking, tall, dark and handsome one!

Don't miss the show on Tuesday!

You all will be able to see the new and improved me very soon. Please let me know on the message boards if you can see a difference. And be honest! I need some inspiration or even a kick in the butt sometimes! I'm getting toughened up, I can take it!

Live your best life!

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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