Hi there. Today is Day 60 of this Best Life Weight Loss Challenge, and I am still here! No, I haven't smoked at all, but let me tell you this last week I could have easily...but I didn't. My son, Brian, and his girlfriend, Esther, are getting married in June. I am the wedding planner, but now come to find out that Esther really doesn't want me to be the wedding planner. So now I am just the financial contributor. I have a bunch of family flying down from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the end of next month and it's going to be hectic. Weddings are stressful and families are stressful. If I would have had a cigarette in the house, I just may have been tempted. But thank God I didn't. I got over that real quick.

Last Monday I walked out of my job. I just had enough of it. I'm in commissioned sales for time-shares. In the last few months my heart just wasn't into it. My bosses were excellent, telling me I can come back whenever I choose to. Because of my ex-husband, I can afford the luxury of not working for a few months, anyhow. But I'm not sitting around doing nothing. I'm trying to live my best life.

I joined the YMCA, and I have started to do classes. You name it, they have it. My first class was a "power-cuts" class. The first thing I noticed was that there were no fat people in there. The next thing I noticed was that there was no one older than about 35 in that class. They all had their weights and jump ropes and steps next to them. So I joined in, and DID IT! I did not like it, nor will I believe I will ever like it, but I did it. My job now is to learn how to exercise. It sounds kind of funny, but I just don't know how to do a crunch correctly. I don't know the right way to squat or lunge. But I promise you I will be finding out.

The weight is coming off very slowly. The inches are coming off fast. My weight needs to catch up with the inches. Will that happen? I am going to be the only woman that weighs 200 pounds and wearing a size 6.

It's funny. Dr. Phil says that you don't get rid of a habit, you replace it. I believe that now. Instead of drinking soda, I'm drinking water. Instead of smoking, I'm exercising. Instead of overeating, I'm drinking decaf coffee. I am also addicted to almond butter. I never liked peanut butter—I am one of the few in this whole wide world—but I love almond butter.

I am learning how to incorporate living my best life with my real life. This means going to the movies without eating buttery, greasy popcorn or Whoppers or Crunch bars. I go to the movies with my Zone bar, and I pretend it's chocolate. This means going to the county fair without going just for the food. I go and enjoy the rides and people around me. This means going to the mall and parking far away from the entrance to get those couple of steps in. This means going to the grocery store and it taking an hour instead of a few minutes to shop—reading every label.

I have to tell you, to eat right and healthy isn't cheap. It is definitely cheaper to eat the junk, but I'm spending more money on a really good investment—me!

Live your Best Life with me,

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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